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  1. Do not spread CP of any kind at this server (loli included!).
  2. Do not attack against users or infrastructure of this server.
  3. Do not attack against any systems throught this server.
  4. Do not spread worms, viruses or any other kind of malware at this server.
  5. Do not try to sell, buy, or spread credit-card, banking etc info at this server!
  6. Do not spread content, that is at the moment illegal at the hosting country, or your country.
  7. Do NOT post any animal cruelty!
  8. Don't be an asshole, no butthurt allowed beyond this line ^-^

how the f0ck to f0ck, you ask?

f0ck will f0ck any media link posted in the channel ending with: jpg|gif|png|webm|mp3|mp4|ogg

If you don't want f0ck to f0ck it put !ignore behind your link. Example: !ignore

f0ck will only f0ck media links with the maximum size of 30MB

Don't let f0ck f0ck childporn :( ... please

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