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Whatever it is, we might have a answer, even though it might not be the one you were looking for:

About f0ck

f0ck is your friendly IRC shitposting bot, it's built for catching urls that are passed to it and displays the content of passed urls on a simple and accessible web gallery reachable at

WTF is a f0ck?

A f0ck is basically giving a fuck about some internet bullshit, like stupid images, videos and so on, but also for great things like good music taste and shit, it's basically "a f0ck was given" and f0ck and it's users gave a lot of f0cks over the past years, it's not hard to finally start giving a damn f0ck about something, just f0ck it dood!

Where to f0ck?

#f0ck on

You can invite f0ck to your channel on the following supported networks by simply typing
/invite f0ck

To start f0cking the shit out of something simply add a !f0ck behind the url you want to f0ck, that's it

#f0ck specific: to have f0ck ignore a link add !ignore at the end
Example: !ignore

f0ck supports a variety of websites, in fact all websites supported by yt-dlp are supported by f0ck aswell!

f0ck Rules
f0cked up?

To have something removed in case you accidentally f0cked something that actually shouldn't be f0cked you can always contact the admins either via IRC or Email


f0ck is developed and tested for Firefox and Chromium in their latest versions

If you encounter bugs please report them so we can fix them.

Microsoft Edgy is not actively supported, but if it werks, great! Same for anything apple related.

Tinfoil f0ckers listen!

f0ck onions and moons, but fockulite!



f0ck is completely functional without javascript enabled, you can be the beardiest neckbeard of all, we got you m'gentleman, if you want to use a custom theme you gotta allow our style cookie.

f0ck Privacy?

Cookies: Yes, we set 1 cookie for your prefered stylesheet, this is a optional cookie and not required for the site to function, simply cosmetics, you can block this cookie and the site will still work as intended and will default to the default f0ck theme called "f0ck"

Logs: We do not log users accessing our website.